Loan Business Process Automation & Document Management



This leading private bank was losing custom loan and term commercial mortgage business to its competitors not on the merit of their product offering, but rather or their ability to deliver it in a timely fashion. The bank’s executives were surprised to find that their customers demanded faster turnaround times; otherwise, they threatened to take their business elsewhere – which they were doing in droves.

The bank found that it took them up to 120 days to process a typical credit report and to underwrite a custom loan, where competing banks were doing it 35 days or less. The bank recognized that they had to reduce the time it took to issue loans so that they could meet the needs of high net worth individuals in a fast moving economy.


The bank was determined to streamline their loan process and shorten their delivery times by 80%. This would take a complete analysis of the organization from top to bottom from the initiating sales process in the front-office to the approval workflow in the back-office. Loan processing was a labor-intensive, paper-based and compartmentalized sequence of disjointed events. The entire process had to be revamped and an effort to restructure the loan process was embarked upon to gain greater efficiency, better visibility and control, and to promote more agility in the business process in order to create a single process by coordinating the entire lending cycle, from loan origination, to processing and closing, to funding, to booking and loan servicing.


The bank implemented a comprehensive solution that leveraged existing loan platforms by combining them with the front-end sales portal, and introducing a workflow engine that linked the entire loan origination process together.

This solution focused on Business Process to aid the bank with identifying the key functions that were deemed most critical in a shortened time frame. The team defined which events needed to be completed in the new model and in what order, and under what circumstances, along with defining the right resources to be deployed. The loan process was streamlined in order to reduce loan-package handling and handoffs, resulting in more timely approvals and bookings.

This allowed the bank to manage the lending operation as a cohesive , well-coordinated unit of work that brought customer-facing sales and service functions together with transaction fulfillment in the back-office. It focused on the exceptional, not just the expected, moving transactions through the organization with less human intervention, freeing up workers to focus on the ‘exceptions’ and complex cases that require detailed analysis.


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