SAP-Sybase SMS Integration



Princeton Information partnered with a leading provider of mobile messaging services who wanted to develop additional products and services that would allow them to better serve their clients as mobile networks upgraded from 2G and 3G to 4G LTE technology.

This client’s core business is in SMS message aggregation and delivery, which they accomplish by leveraging their wide-ranging network infrastructure that interconnects most mobile network providers operating across the globe. The next step for our client was to find additional avenues through which they could offer rich communications services to these mobile network operators and allow them to provide services to their customers even when these customers were out of their home network’s reach.


As the customers of these network operators have become increasingly mobile and reliant on their mobile devices to keep business moving, regardless of their current location, the demand for each wireless carrier to provide a seamless customer experience across the globe has continued to grow.

Our client sought to enhance its customers’ (wireless carriers) ability to provide this to the end user by leveraging its existing interconnections among network operators to enable roaming capability on 4G LTE networks. This service would allow mobile network operators to set up roaming agreements with each other and then use our client’s platform as a gateway to authenticate and verify an end user’s ability to consume those services on the “roam to” network in real time.


Princeton Information’s solution team worked closely with our client through the development and testing of this LTE Roaming solution. Additionally Princeton’s team created the operational processes and documentation necessary for the client to train its teams to support this production infrastructure for its customers and quickly on-board new customers who are interested in deploying this LTE mobile roaming solution.

This solution allows network operators in the “roam to” network to pass an authentication request back to the customer’s home network that will validate their subscription and consume specific services on the “roam to” network. Our team has configured and implemented our client’s solution which is compatible with any mobile operator’s network, giving them access to this common group of carriers and allowing their customers to roam into any networks that the mobile network operator has an agreement with.

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