SharePoint Intranet Implementation



Princeton Information’s client wanted to promote company-wide collaboration as a key imperative to the success of each individual group as well as the mission of the entire firm. This collaboration would help ensure that the necessary support is engaged to successfully complete major initiatives and that there is no duplication of effort. Central to successful internal collaboration are the right tools and processes that effectively house and share information.

Corporate information should be managed in a central area where users are granted access, based on specific permissions, in order to facilitate their productivity, increase knowledge sharing across groups and create standardized, monitored and consistent communication of information. When information is managed and shared in this fashion, it allows individuals to become more effective and the whole organization can drive more decisively and in unison toward a common set of goals.


Before taking on this initiative, our client had an environment where much of their information and documentation were stored locally on file servers and shared drives where it was often transferred via unstructured channels such as email. The result, it was virtually impossible for the company to control document versioning, mitigate vulnerabilities associated with information loss and leakage, or facilitate information sharing and collaboration between different teams. Responsibility of managing information fell on multiple individuals, which created several potential points of failure for the successful standardization of information and the communication of the most accurate and up-to-date information, not to mention one version of the truth or a gold copy of the information.


The Princeton team brought valuable experience in all phases of the Plan, Build, Operate lifecycle with respect to workflow analysis and design, along with hands-on SharePoint configuration and development services. We helped establish a clear ownership model, leveraged industry-leading practices for end-users, and introduced architectural and esthetic design to provide sound development standards for the platform going forward.

In order to better serve the organization as a whole and to foster collaboration among knowledge-workers, Princeton Information developed and implemented an out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 intranet solution to provide a secure centralized repository to effectively share and communicate information. Princeton Information also developed a calendaring application within the intranet site to support the shared environment.

Princeton Information’s SharePoint team determined the firm’s business needs and process design, developed and implemented a user-friendly intranet solution, trained the user community, provided maintenance support, and helped scale the practice so that additional enhancements can be made to support company-wide objectives or business-process changes in the future.


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