System Performance Engineering & Testing



A major Central Region client that currently operates a diverse array of network infrastructure, including root nameservers, top-level domains for .COM and .NET, SS7 signaling networks as well as provides services such as digital certificates, payments processing and managed firewalls was in the process of executing strategic divestitures of business units that did not provide focus to core business objectives.

This divestiture was seen by investors and the industry as a positive move toward future growth of the company.  Our client has clearly outlined plans for the organized decommission or sale of the extraneous business units while funding continuous growth within the core business.


As a result of the divestiture, our client requested support from Princeton Information in the maintenance of a proprietary customer facing billing System.  The Billing System had previously been slated for a code re-write, possibly with the purchase of a new billing engine, but the new business model made a performance upgrade more appropriate.

Volumes within the system were predicted to grow at a steady pace and performance tuning was required to ensure transactions could continue to be processed.


Princeton Information provided a team of Performance Engineers to perform benchmark testing in order to determine existing processing capabilities.  Following the testing, our team created and executed a remediation plan that will keep the existing Billing System operational until the divestiture of the business unit is finalized.