Technology Assessment Global Communications



A preeminent global communications company engaged Princeton Information to do a technical assessment of all its inventoried computer equipment worldwide. An auto-assessment was performed on new devices received daily. Any device that was not auto-assessed was researched by a small team of analysts.


Our client had thousands of computer devices that were not in compliance with standards. This equipment needed to be assessed and brought into compliance. The task was daunting and the deadline was hard and immovable.


Princeton Information established an Assessment Center staffed with a large contingent of research analysts to perform a manual assessment of the inventoried devices across the United States. Princeton Information worked closely with the client team responsible for data collection, and set up processes and protocols for improving the overall efficiency of the client data gathering effort. Because of these process improvements, Princeton Information was able to significantly reduce the manpower needed for the assessment process. After developing a knowledge database of known problems and protocols, resulting in a 50% cost savings to the client.

Princeton Information automated the assessment process, using a client server infrastructure to handle thousands of device assessments per day. The inventory data was stored on a remote server within an SQL Server database and was subsequently captured and stored in an Access database at the Assessment Center using and ODBC interface. The Access database had an interface with an Application Service Provider that maintained an up-to-date compliance information data warehouse for determining the compliance of a device.


Telecommunications, Technology Assessment