Microsoft Azure Platform

Windows Azure open technology enables you to use any language, framework, or tool to build feature rich applications.

As with any classic application development technology, the first step is to understand what you want to do and then to work out the best approach and platform to achieve your ultimate goal. Princeton Information will work with you to help you understand the options; while we help you design, build and support Cloud-based applications that integrate into your existing environment and application stack.

We can help you leverage the features offered by the Microsoft Azure platform in order to build applications that give you flexibility, scalability and a lower cost of ownership.

  • Agility to take advantage of multiple development tools
  • Multiple programming languages
  • Automate service management
  • Global datacenter presence
  • Improve speed to deliver applications and services that can respond faster to customer needs
  • Gain a competitive advantage and businesses reach new customers


  • Move existing applications to the cloud
  • Create new web applications and services using common tools
  • Shift decision making to IT department
  • Take control of how to manage, deploy, and store data, while you focus on business challenges and customer needs

Security & Privacy

Leverage risk-based programs that help identify, monitor and report security and operational threats

System Uptime

Many of the leading cloud providers offer 99.99% uptime guarantees that provide a steady platform of cloud computing