Legacy Extension for Mobile Computing

Extension of Legacy Systems and Data has been a goal of IT organizations since the early days of the information revolution.  This need is now magnified as our workforce is equipped with computing power in mobile devices that makes the modern office a virtual environment.

Do we need to rebuild to extend?

Many IT organizations simply do not have the desire, resources or time to re-engineer the Legacy Environment to extend data to mobile platforms.

Princeton Information’s Legacy Extension Approach

As an alternative to writing applications to sit on the mobile device, Princeton Information has partnered to create a light weight container that can be downloaded to the mobile device.  Using secure tokens over the web, the container communicates with an abstract Web Services layer within the Legacy environment.  Business logic is defined within the proprietary layer’s rules and  defines the data extraction and transformation to and from the Legacy environment.   Once configured, the API’s will communicate with the Container App and dynamically render screens and data with no additional mobile development required.

Mobilize… with Speed and Affordability

The framework now supports today’s favorite mobile platforms such iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This allows our customers to extend their Legacy platforms to mobile devices quickly.