SAP Consulting Partner Program

We help our clients integrate new mobile service offerings with their core business operations.

Princeton Information is a strong believer that businesses need to gain control and management of new technologies before they become overwhelmed by their mere presence. If they don’t, they can potentially lose market share to more nimble competitors and up-starts as they let an opportunity slip through their hands.

Technologies like mobile apps are here to stay and companies need to deploy them before they fall further behind. More importantly, they need to incorporate these technologies within new and existing business processes in a safe and secure manner with sound execution of the resulting business transactions.

That’s why Princeton Information has recently joined the team of SAP Consulting Partner Program as a Systems Integrator to allow us to bring leading edge business and technology solutions on top of a solid mobile platform. We help our clients integrate new mobile service offerings with their core business operations.

Princeton Information can help you put a mobility strategy in place. As IT organizations are challenged with a laundry list of mobile application opportunities they are pressured by business groups to develop and deliver solutions that tie into specific back end systems along with providing new mobile device functions. Developing a strategy is critical for the enterprise to effectively create, connect, consume, and control mobile applications. A mobile platform such as SAP Mobile is the foundation of a strategic plan and the effective deployment of mobile applications.

Not only do we work closely with the SAP Mobile Platform, we have deep knowledge and experience that spans the surrounding technology landscape and we understand how SAP fits into that mobile environment. Our teams have successfully delivered on many other types of mobile deployments across a multitude of technologies.

Mobile Devices

As with any mobile app deployment, the targeted device set must be established upfront in order to appeal to the growing client and user base while narrowing the scope of the overall development effort. We typically build mobile apps that are compatible with the following mobile device types:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry

Mobile Application Frameworks

Based on our desire to leverage generally accepted and broadly available technology platforms, along with highly accessible technical resourcing skills, we often use HTML5, JS and CSS in the coding of the mobile applications on the following application frameworks:

  • SAP Mobile
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Sencha Touch
  • Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGap)