SAP Mobile Messaging Solutions

New IP-based services will be a main driver of revenue for operators in 2013.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents to SAP’s 2013 Survey conducted at the GSMA Mobile World Congress believe that new mobile offerings, including rich communication services (RCS) and 4G/LTE and increased data usage by smartphone users, will drive company revenues.

Princeton Information provides services that help you implement SAP’s Rich Communications Services 365 in customizing, configuring, testing and deploying global roaming services for Mobile to drive connectivity worldwide.

As customer bases extend further across global borders and customers and employees have increasing needs to gain access remotely, these Rich Communication Services will be a critical driver for companies to stay competitive within their marketplace.

Our work focuses on helping our clients meet their needs of maintaining substantive contact with customers and employees alike and is focused on the following areas:

  • Customer and Employee Messaging Solutions
  • Multimedia Solutions
  • Authentication and Validation
  • Network Hubbing Solutions