Expense Optimization Program

Uncertain economic times have forced companies to maintain their focus on the bottom line like never before.

The Expense Optimization Challenge

In the past, our economy moved between discrete cycles of growth and contraction, one requiring a focus on revenue, the other on expense. But the most recent economic cycle has proven different. The recovery has been tepid, and corporations are faced with a need to maintain an emphasis on both.

This is where Princeton Information can help. Expense reduction can no longer be treated as a “project”, but must instead become embedded in an organization’s culture and processes, with the discipline of an on-going program that uses lightweight, but effective, governance. Our approach creates a sustainable Expense Optimization program that matures into strategy driven Expense Transformation in order to keep the saves coming.

Comprehensive, thoughtful, and effective, yet lightweight enough to operate alongside your existing work efforts. The time is now.

Success Factors

Princeton Information will help you build a sustainable model by focusing on key success factors, like:

  • Establishing a clear mission and success criteria
  • Establishing clear ownership for every type of operational expense.
  • Establishing a clear opportunity identification and tracking process
  • Establish a commitment control process so that cross area opportunities are agreed upon before any work begins
  • Establishing clear cost pools
  • Establishing financial governance so cost/benefit analyses are complete, accurate and tracked by cost center
  • Establishing a process to analyze all contracted expenses so that timing and ownership is clear
  • Establishing clear and comprehensive reporting processes