IT Portfolio Management Assessment

You cannot calibrate the business value of an individual project if you cannot see the big picture.

IT Portfolio Management is the application of practices designed to ensure that IT investments support the organization’s business goals where each portfolio item is aligned with business objectives. Investment scenarios can be created to determine the optimal portfolio mix to delivery of value to the business. Implementing a standards-based approach allows for value assessments that include current state, recommended future state and maturity mapping.

IT investments are managed as a single portfolio comprised of:

  • Projects – approved and ad hoc projects
  • Proposals – proposed projects
  • Assets – application support and services

Process Frameworks

IT Portfolio Management is about “doing the right things” to maximize business value. Princeton Information starts with the international standard frameworks to tailor a process for your organization:

Val IT – Governance of IT investments to optimize value delivery:

  • Are we doing the right things?
  • Are we getting the benefits?

COBIT – Governance of the implementation and monitoring of IT practices:

  • Are we doing things right?
  • Are we getting them done well?