Developing an Automated Testing Strategy

Automated Testing Strategy

Data Points – Princeton Information will assess various dimensions to help develop a testing strategy to include such environmental and organizational inputs as short and long term test requirements, business risk profile, and human and technical capital.

Candidates for Automation

It is critical that we prioritize which application areas are good candidates for QA Automation in order to establish a realistic scope, while targeting a group that is more likely to be successful in order to set the stage for the rest of the development community.

  • Target specific areas for automation, at first; regression, new development
  • Start with highly redundant use cases/test scenarios
  • Focus on well-developed and well-understood processes
  • Automate highly repetitive transactions that are more prone to human error
  • Choose relatively stable areas of the application
  • Use data-driven testing techniques then increase the depth and breadth of testing as you mature process
  • Designate a few automation specialists for each application
  • Manual testing will still be essential