Cloud Governance Assessment

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology that has moved from the leading edge to the mainstream faster than anything we’ve experienced, because it offers turnkey access.

The Cloud Governance Challenge

Unlike the past, where application change management was required to implement a new solution, business users, and even IT organizations, can be up and running on a third party cloud service with only a browser and login credentials. Many IT organizations discover they are the last to know a contract has been signed, and a new solution is going live. Credibility and control slowly slip away.

IT must take the lead. In order to effectively support the Cloud, existing governance mechanisms have to be updated to reflect the unique considerations posed by this environment, and they must be seamlessly integrated such that IT is viewed as a help, and not a hindrance.

That’s where Princeton Information can help. Our Cloud Governance Assessment will help you identify gaps in your existing processes, and we will work with you to update your framework so that it is Cloud Ready. By extending and enhancing your existing governance, you are paving the way for organizational success, taking the right steps, and staying engaged. The time is now.

The Assessment

  • We will work with you to understand your environment and your needs.
  • We will customize the right assessment approach given your state of maturity and your priorities.
  • We will leverage your existing governance processes and framework.
  • We are ready to help.