Process Design

Our analysts evaluate business process and human workflow in order to construct a seamless computing environment.

To help our clients turn innovative ideas into a business reality, we help define with greater clarity specific initiatives and activities that drive strategy.

Process design is twofold in nature; first, there is a focus on determining business requirements, describing them with a deeper level of granularity.

Second, it is important to design the overarching program as well. We help characterize the resources and timelines required to accomplish the proposed solution.

Business Process Design

Key business processes are documented to identify and define high-level procedures that help shape the overall initiative. This helps to identify dependencies on existing applications and partnerships in order to estimate project budgets and define critical milestones.

Business & Technical Architecture

We evaluate technology architecture and select the appropriate technology platforms needed to build the proposed solution. In some cases, this may involve a software package and platform selection to determine the best fit for the overall solution. Not only will we assess software requirements, we will also review the operating platform and hardware preferences to establish the underlying components and their ability to cohabitate within the current environment.