BPM Solutions

We help cultivate cohesive and well-coordinated business processes that bring customer-facing sales and service functions together with transaction fulfillment in the back-office.

Business Process Management

Our solutions focus on Business Process Management to aid companies in identifying the key business functions that need to be performed in shortened and aggressive time frames.

Our teams define which events needed to be completed in the new business models and in what order, and under what circumstances, along with defining the right resources to be deployed when the dynamic process is finally executed. We streamline processes so that paperwork is reduced and hand-offs between parties are minimized.


Princeton Information helps you focus your key personnel on the exceptional, not just the expected, by moving transactions through the organization with less human intervention. This frees up time for knowledge-workers to focus on the ‘exceptions’ or more complex cases that require more attention and analysis.

By incorporating the entire end-to-end process we strive to:

  • Coordination – Improve timing and sequence of events
  • Monitoring – Incorporate performance monitoring tools
  • System Integration – Achieve end-to-end integration
  • Visibility – Provide transparency throughout the process for all participants
  • Methodology – Introduce BPM to organizations to better align business and technology
  • Streamline – Implement a complete workflow in order streamline operations
  • Task Management – Transition from paper-based environments to electronic task management systems
  • Process Insight – Track the causal codes of process rejects so organizations can have better insight into the process
  • Resource Reduction - Minimize the number of internal resources required to process transactions
  • Minimize Paperwork - Reduce paper and unnecessary documents