BPM Business Agility

In a joint-effort with you, Princeton Information considers the entire business model to restructure outdated processes and procedures in order to gain greater efficiency, better visibility and control, and to promote more agility in the business operation.

We set out with our clients to create a single process by coordinating the entire product cycle, from prospecting of clients, sales and marketing, processing new orders, closing and funding of new business, booking new accounts and orders, and servicing the client in an ongoing effort to help retain and optimize client relationships.

Princeton Information works with companies to optimize their strengths by:

  • Needs Assessment – Specifying new business processes that better leverage their internal resources
  • Business Process Definition – Schedule of business functions and the resources required to execute them at each step of the process
  • Vendor Evaluation – Selecting the right set of software tools to enable the proposed solutions
  • Analysis and Design – Designing systems that dynamically modify business processes based on business metrics to evolve business models
  • Implementation – Installing and configuring packaged software, building business and web services, and developing custom applications to empower your people
  • Integration – Combining people and technology with a enterprise platforms to create seamless computing environments
  • Performance Monitoring – Determining management and monitoring dimensions of the business processes to better understand business metrics