Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our focus is on the customer and those in the organization that service them.

Optimizing Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the driving force in today’s economy. How well you know and service your customer will determine your success. This can only be achieved through obtaining a complete view of their relationship with the organization. Whether you’re considering client acquisition, retention or optimization treatment strategies, one thing is clear; all employees must share a common view and goal for your most valued customers and prospects.

CRM Channel

CRM provides a channel that fosters sharing of information, collaboration, and success across diverse account teams. This platform can present a common view of the client across multiple lines of business, products and services, and geographies. It further allows large organizations to see client interactions throughout the sales and services life cycle, acquisitioning, on boarding, servicing, optimizing, and expanding. We can help you develop a CRM Business Roadmap and ROI Business Case.

Comprehensive Customer View

The pursuit of a single view of the client at the relationship level is the driving force behind enabling this transformation. All services will stem from this conceptual and composite view of the client. Our approach to CRM leverages this new view to channel client touch points and to aggregate client value and profitability. Many things must come together—in the proper sequence—to meet these objectives.

Princeton Information addresses sales force automation and operational practices, redefining the methods of engaging and serving the valued customers. Those critical activities must be organized and aligned with ongoing projects and deployments of technology. Princeton Information structures practical business and application processes along with leveraging the proper set of legacy applications and generally available packaged-solutions. We connect these processes with Customer Intelligence solutions to bring real-time actionable events to the sales team.