CRM Analytics

Customer Intelligence driven by deployment of data management is critical to the success of any business plan.

Customer Intelligence

Princeton Information’s approach for effectively prioritizing CRM projects and our data management expertise will help position a company to respond to unpredictable change, capitalize on emerging growth opportunities, and enable a customer-oriented business model.

Empowered with the right information models, toolsets and the right data management capabilities, organizations can perform analysis to help gain better insight into their entire value proposition, and also acquire a deeper understanding of what products and services appeal to the best customers now, and in their future.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Platform

We advocate a closed-loop process that links customer relationship management to the appropriate data-mart and data-mining tools to create a practice focused on business. This can be exposed to end-users in the form of power queries to allow localized mining of client information at the finger tips of sales and service personnel to better manage their book of business. It can be extended to Marketing and Sales departments to drive forecasting and proactive enterprise-wide marketing strategies.

Customer Insight

We believe in a cyclical process that aggregates information from core application data — exposing vital client account information with a client’s newly assembled profile and preference data — to generate a 360° view of the customer. This powered by new information models offered in the CRM platform can give companies unprecedented insight into clients needs, unleashing the full force of the new client-centric platform.

Client-Oriented Strategies

Enable client discovery by sales force
Enhance revenue through growth in customer acquisition, retention, optimization and profitability strategies
Foster up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
Improve sales and service operational efficiency