Mortgage Affiliate Benchmarking

The success of any mortgage banking organization depends on strong information systems, sound business process, knowledgeable staff, and competent management and partners.

Any fault along this chain of command could lessen the bank’s ability to respond quickly to evolving market conditions and could ultimately jeopardize the financial health and reputation of the company.

Because mortgage banking encompasses numerous activities that pose significant risks, the bank should have effective policies and strong internal controls governing each operational area and business partner.

Princeton Information can help you develop a comprehensive program to create effective policies, internal controls, management practices, and standard operating procedures within the mortgage banking operation, including four major areas of activities:

  • Loan Production, Origination, Underwriting and Closing
  • Pipeline Management
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Loan Servicing

DMAIC Approach

To accomplish these objectives Princeton Information leverages the Six Sigma DMAIC model to address existing processes where incremental improvement is required.

  • Define – the scope of the processes that require standardization and fee evaluation
  • Measure – vendor capabilities and performance
  • Analyze – the standardization of repeatable processes
  • Improve – build project team

We can help you design and execution of a repeatable and sustainable process for the Benchmarking of fees for default related products and services charged by Affiliates.

  • Define/Clarity: Baseline Assessment
  • Measurement: Benchmarking
  • Accountability: Sustainment Benchmark Model
  • Control/Repeatability: Benchmarking Execution and Transfer