Enterprise Search

Your knowledge-workers require access to everything at anytime regardless of where it resides.

Universal Search

One thing that we learned from implementing CRM solutions over the past several years is that there is an insatiable demand to both access and aggregate customer data, on demand. Client-facing individuals were left wanting more; more client data, more product information, and more marketing collateral, no matter what the source – a truly universal search is now in demand.

Business Agility

Organizations will need to shift from highly structured sales and service models to more open, unstructured approaches to solve elusive business problems on behalf of their clients. The enterprise search directly supports this customer-oriented approach. Companies must prepare for an open and volatile marketplace. Business models must support highly agile organizations in response to dynamic swings in consumer demands. These evolving needs will cause rapid shifts in product definitions and service offerings that typical IT solutions can no longer support or keep pace. The enterprise search enables flexible solutions to keep your organization in line with change.

Intellectual Capital

Companies will have to ready their workforces, operations and systems for this new open paradigm. Businesses will need the ability to quickly adapt to new products and hybrids of those products by leveraging their intellectual capital and internal business knowledge. This will require an open-computing environment that is agile, flexible and less-structured.

Client-facing individuals need the ability to conduct open-ended searches in preparation of client discussions, and to better prepare for client meetings and planning sessions that include these types of exercises:

  • Recovery – accessing specific information about your client and their related parties
  • Discovery – searching for related information on products and services that may be applicable to your client
  • Exploratory - examining what others are doing in the same space, both internally and external