SAP HANA Real-Time for Business

SAP HANA accelerates analytics and applications on a single, in-memory platform, enabling real-time business.

As new business demands challenge the status quo, the scale is larger, expectations are greater, and the stakes are higher. New-breed IT systems must be able to evaluate, analyze, predict, and recommend – and do so in real time. An in-memory approach is the only way to tackle a real-time-data future that includes new data types such as social media monitoring and Web-automated sensors and meter readings.

HANA key features & benefits

  • Takes full advantage of all-new hardware technologies by combining:
  • Columnar data storage
  • Massively parallel processing (MPP)
  • In-memory computing
  • Optimized software design
  • Enables ultrafast analytics with extreme data volumes.
  • Empowers users with flexible, on-the-fly data modeling functionality by providing non-materialized views directly on detailed information.
  • Reduces and/or eliminates wait time associated with data model changes, database administration tasks, and loading redundant data storage – currently required by traditional databases.
  • Elimination of aggregates and relational table indices and associated maintenance – greatly reducing total cost of ownership.