Workplace Foundational Technologies

Technology is converging in a way that will literally launch a Transformation of the Workplace.

“Unlimited” bandwidth, excellent mobility, ubiquitous access, improved collaboration and an explosion of powerful devices (tablets and phones), are the basis of a new business model where remote work, reduced real estate costs, and improved productivity are game changing.

We are early in this trend, and CIO’s still have an opportunity to strategically position their company while adoption remains a competitive advantage. However, sooner rather than later, this trend will appear in the mainstream as a competitive necessity. At that point the question becomes, “Why aren’t we doing this already”.

Foundational Technologies

Companies are working on many of the building blocks already:

  • Desktop and Application Virtualization (web accessible)
  • IP Phones (internet calling)
  • Video Conferencing / Screen sharing
  • Web-Based Messaging (Email, IM, Contacts, Calendar)
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Collaborative Productivity Apps (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Collaboration)
  • Unified Communications (Presence, Find-me/Follow-me, Voice Mail)
  • Enterprise Social Networks