Strategies for Successful Testing

Strategies for Success

Here are some of the measures that Princeton Information suggests for developing an automated regression test strategy that works:

  • Management Expectations – need to be reset about the timing of benefits from automation; there is an upfront investment.
  • Software Development – recognize that test automation development involves software development.
  • Data-driven Architecture – a well-designed data-driven approach can make it easier for non-programming test planners to specify their test cases because they can simply write them into the matrix.
  • Framework-based Architecture – includes several types of functions, from very simple wrappers around simple application or tool functions, to very complex scripts that handle integrated tasks.
  • Staffing – recognize the resource realities that to automate successfully, you may have to add more senior programmers to the testing group.
  • Blended Solution – consider using other types of automation; tools can be genuinely useful, but they require significant investment, careful planning, trained staff, and great caution.